Top 10 Reasons to Own Not Rent

Posted by  on 08-11-2011
Top 10 Reasons to Own Not Rent


#10 – Not having to stare at the ceiling and ignore people on the elevator ride home

#9 – Not having to smell what your neighbours are having for dinner

#8 – Not having to listen to loud music at a party you weren’t invited to.

#7 – Being able to control your own thermosat

#6 – Never running out of hot water

#5 – Having a lawn that isn’t an Astroturf

#4 – Not having to share your garage with 100 people

#3 – Not having the fire department show when you are BBQ’ing

#2 – Actually having future equity on something you own

and the #1 – Many programs available that allow you to purchase a home with little down payment (Good Credit required).

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